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They argue for the need of better international or supra-national institutional arrangements such as legal instruments and actions of the United Nations or regional organizations such as the European Union. In part I Jan Van Dijk and Rianne Letschert present an overview of trends in criminal victimization against the backdrop of globalization using a unique set of statistical indicators.

Crime Victims' Rights

By placing this issue in the framework of the human security concept, the authors draw out its broader political and normative implications. Theologist Ralf Bodelier explains how modern communication technologies have heightened sensitivities among the general public for human insecurities anywhere in the world. In his view, a new global conscience is in the making that may become the cornerstone of international solidarity and action.

Marc Groenhuijsen and Rianne Letschert describe the emergence of national and international legal and institutional arrangements to offer remedies to victims of crime in an era of globalization.

The New Faces of Victimhood -

In part III focused attention is given to the special challenges and Part IV deals with emerging victim issues in humanitarian law such as the accountability of private military companies and the implementation of the ambitious victim provisions in the statute of the International Criminal Court including the establishment of a global fund for reparations. Developments at the global or UN level are replicated at the level of the European Union.

Although the development of European criminal law is resisted by many member states, there are incremental trends nevertheless.

The further development of such EU legislation on crime victims as well as its implementation can illustrate how state formation at the European level impacts on victim issues. A related recent trend is the growing attention for international humanitarian law and specifically for the procedural role of victims therein, eg. This set of rights stands in stark contrast to the exclusion of the victim in the Neurenberg en Tokyo trials.

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It can be understood as the fruit of growing awareness of the responsibility of the world community for the protection of private besides collective interests against state violence regardless of national borders. It remains to be seen how these transposed rights, such as the right of reparation, will work out in the setting of the International Criminal Court and whether they will strengthen or weaken prosecution by the new, fledging international structures.

A third implication of globalisation is the emergence of arrangements for liability for environmental damage across borders.

Verschuuren, Jonathan

Recent attention for the responsibility of Dutch companies and authorities for environmental damage caused in Africa by cargo departing from the Amsterdam port illustrates the emerging of new types of victims in the international legal arena. Why Switzerland needs a national crime prevention council Work in progress : international statistics on human trafficking The world of crime : breaking the silence on problems of security, justice, and development across the world.

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The New Faces of Victimhood

About VIAF. Caring for crime victims : selected proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Victimology, Amsterdam, August , Criminal victimization at individual and international level : results from the international crime victims surveys. Criminaliteit als keerzijde : een theoretische en empirische verkenning van de relaties tussen welvaart en criminaliteit.