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Medication and Vaccines. Table 6. Characteristics of 4 medicine or vaccine studies addressing research question 1 a.

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Table 7. Question 2: Can social media be used to effectively target populations, specifically vulnerable populations, to test an intervention and interact with a community to improve health outcomes? Health Risk Behaviors. Table 8. Characteristics of 10 health risk behavior studies addressing research question 2 a. Table 9. Characteristics of 3 infectious diseases studies addressing research question 2 a. Non-Infectious Diseases. Table Characteristics of 9 non-infectious diseases studies addressing research question 2 a.

Discussion This systematic primary literature review on the use of social media to support public health practice has identified many evidence gaps and biases in the current knowledge on this topic. Supporting Information. S1 Checklist. References 1. The chatline as a communication and educational tool in adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes: preliminary observations. Diabetes Care. View Article Google Scholar 2. McIver D, Brownstein J. PLoS Comput Biol. View Article Google Scholar 3. Detecting influenza epidemics using search engine query data.

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Social and news media enable estimation of epidemiological patterns early in the Haitian cholera outbreak.

Research Overview

Am J Trop Med Hyg. Online J Public Health Inform. Associations between displayed alcohol references on Facebook and problem drinking among college students. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. Identifying health-related topics on twitter an exploration of tobacco-related tweets as a test topic.

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Geo-Community-Based Broadcasting for Data Dissemination in Mobile Social Networks

Swineflu: Twitter predicts swine flu outbreak in Diaz-Aviles E, Stewart A. Tracking Twitter for Epidemic Intelligence. Towards personalized learning to rank for epidemic intelligence based on social media streams. Sofean M, Smith M. A real-time architecture for detection of diseases using social networks: Design, implementation and evaluation. A new age of public health: Identifying disease outbreaks by analyzing tweets.

Ishikawa T.

Evaluation of microblog as influenza surveillance source. J Natl Inst Public Health. Using Microblog for Syndromic Surveillance.

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Twitter catches the flu: Detecting influenza epidemics using Twitter. Uncovering social media data for public health surveillance. Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems; Detecting influenza outbreaks by analyzing Twitter messages [Internet]. Report No.

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OMG U got flu? Analysis of shared health messages for bio-surveillance. J Biomed Semant. De Quincey E, Kostkova P. Early warning and outbreak detection using social networking websites: The potential of Twitter. Dengue surveillance based on a computational model of spatio-temporal locality of twitter. Chew C, Eysenbach G. Investigating the use of social media to help women from going back to smoking post-partum. Adolescent alcohol-related risk cognitions: the roles of social norms and social networking sites.

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Using social media to communicate child health information to low-income parents.